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6 Lessons You Need To Learn Before Writing Your Next Follow-Up Email

6 Lesson Follow Up EmailHas this ever happened to you?

You met a great person at a intranet software networking event and you had a great conversation. You send a follow-up email and get no response.

This used to happen to me all the time until a very smart person pointed out what I was doing wrong.

[click to continue…]

Dayna Mathews Shares Her Secrets To Building A Kick Ass LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn Profile SecretHave you ever sent an email to someone you didn’t know that well?

It could have been a follow up email to someone you met at an event, a potential employer, or someone you reached out to because you wanted to get to know them.

What do you think is the first thing that person does after reading your email? [click to continue…]

Learn The Secret My Grandma Taught Me About How To Send A Memorable Gift

Me and GrandmaHas someone ever given you really valuable advice and you wanted to get them a memorable gift, but you had no idea what to get?

Gift cards run out of money, fancy pens eventually run out of ink, and notebooks usually get filled up and put aside.

Then a week goes by and now it seems silly to even send a gift.

I’m going to share with you a gift that I have been giving for years and how you can make it memorable. [click to continue…]

5 Elements That Make The Perfect Outreach Email

5 Elements That Make The Perfect Outreach EmailYou have no idea how this person got your email address and the email is not relevant to you or your business.

There are five elements to the perfect outreach email and I am going to share all of them with you.

I even wrote a sample email for you so you never have to be that person! [click to continue…]

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