3 Reasons Why Finding A Job Requires Networking

by JOHN MUSCARELLO / Follow Me on Twitter Here

Most people seeking employment do not consider networking as a job search strategy.

Most jobseekers focus on their resume, cover letter, and finding the best industry job boards.

Those three things are important, but the contacts in your network who work in that industry are even more important.

1.  You will get hired faster

  • Getting an interview is the hardest part in a job search. Knowing a current employee that works for the company will 9 times out of 10 automatically get you an interview.
  • New research from Jobvite found that “Employees hired through referral are hired 55% faster than those who come from a career site” The Value Of A Referral

Employees Hired Through Referral Are Hired 55% Faster Tweet This:

2.  85% of jobs are not posted publicly

  • I realized networking was going to play a big role in my job search after my mentor Deirdre Breakenridge shared the stat above.  Every job I have found has been through a person who recommended me or told me about an opportunity.
  • When my current employer is looking for a new employee, they always send around an email to the entire company asking if anyone knows a good candidate.

3.  People in the industry know who is hiring

  • Professionals who attend networking events regularly usually have a good handle on what is happening in the industry.  They know which companies are doing well, important events happening in the industry, and which companies are hiring.
  • These people are always willing to help new professionals in the industry.  Offer to take them out to coffee so that you can ask them more about the industry and what they currently do.  Tell them what you are looking to do and ask if they can introduce you to people they know that might be able to help you land a job.

By learning how to networking efficiently you can find a job faster than the average job seeker.  Have you ever networked your way to a job?

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  • Maryna Kukhar

    I believe in bullet 3. you meant “who is hiring”

    • John

      Hi Maryna,

      Thanks for the comment and the correction.  I have found every job I have ever had using bullet #3. It is extremely powerful!


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