Dayna Mathews Shares Her Secrets To Building A Kick Ass LinkedIn Profile

by JOHN MUSCARELLO / Follow Me on Twitter Here

LinkedIn Profile SecretHave you ever sent an email to someone you didn’t know that well?

It could have been a follow up email to someone you met at an event, a potential employer, or someone you reached out to because you wanted to get to know them.

What do you think is the first thing that person does after reading your email?

They search for you on LinkedIn to see who you are, what you do, and connections you both have in common. Your LinkedIn profile could be the deciding factor whether that person writes you back.

I interviewed a good friend who shared everything you need to know about writing a successful LinkedIn profile and how to build your LinkedIn network.

Dayna Mathews is the founder of Your Kick-Ass Career and is a career coach who helps clients get results. She reveals the three habits she used to grow her LinkedIn network from 75 to 1,800 in 24 months.

In This Interview You’ll Learn

    • How to write a successful LinkedIn profile and showcase your personality.
    • What most people are missing from their profile.
    • Effective ways to build relationships and network with professionals in your industry on LinkedIn
    • How to find a job using LinkedIn and what you should do before you apply.
    • Why it’s important to ask for help and how to do it effectively.
    • Plus a whole lot more awesome stuff!

Build A Kick-Ass LinkedIn Profile With Dayna Matthews

I want to hear from you!!

Comment below and tell me one thing you learned from Dayna and how you’re going to implement it on your LinkedIn profile.


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Links and Resources Mentioned In The Interview

  • Your Kick-Ass Career
  • Dayna Mathews on Social Media: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook
  • Donna Svei’s Avid Careerist
  • The Muse
  • Marie Forleo (One of my favorites)
  • Zig Ziglar Facebook Page
  • Start with Why by Simon Sinek
  • The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor
  • How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie
  • Apps To Save Articles: Pocket and Delicious

{ 5 comments… add one }

  • Tracy

    That’s how I met, John, too. He impressed me with the best introduction message I have ever received on LinkedIn. So refreshing, especially in light of how many strangers approach others on LinkedIn without so much as a personalized message of any kind.

  • Kimberly Nelson

    I really enjoyed Dana’s idea that LinkedIn can be viewed as your “social proof.” Creating a trusting profile allows you to be approachable. Working in the financial industry, LinkedIn profiles are closely monitored by compliance where we aren’t allowed to give or received recommendations. I will be working on more creative ways to allow my profile, as well as other associates I work with, to develop “social proof.”

  • Denise

    She taught me several good things about how networking can help me find a job on linked in.

    • John Muscarello

      Hi Denis, I am glad that you found the interview helpful! Please let me know if I can ever help you with anything.

  • Brian

    One thing that resonated with me in the interview: Dayna mentioned commenting or encouraging someone who wrote an article or provided a feed update. I found that doing so was reciprocated back when I myself got a new job. It’s unique to LinkedIn (that I found so far) in that this phenomenon doesn’t really happen on Facebook, i.e., I waste my “free” likes on people who won’t return them back to me 🙂

    Accordingly, I will continue to do so on LinkedIn, particularly since it can be a place to keep up professionally and have others in you mind professionally. Thanks for the interview.


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