10 Career Advice Blogs That You Must Read

by JOHN MUSCARELLO / Follow Me on Twitter Here

If you are serious about landing a job and advancing your career you need to read these blogs.

I composed a list of 10 blogs that can answer any question you can possibly have about your job search or advancing your career. I personally read these blogs and they have had a great impact on my career.

Brazen Life
A great site that hosts an immense amount of career advice for every situation you could ever be in. The articles on Brazen Life are helpful for job seekers or professional who are trying to advance their career.
Website: http://blog.brazencareerist.com/
Twitter: @BrazenCareerist

Shweta Khare is a certified career coach and does a great job of providing useful information to readers who want to advance their career or find a job. You will find many career self-help articles, job search tips and information on products and services that will enable you to perform to your best in the workplace.
Website: http://careerbright.com/about
Twitter: @Careerbright

JT O’Donnell created an amazing hub for every piece of career advice someone could need. Careerealism gives great advice on topics such as: networking, interview tips, resume and cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, and social media job search tips.
Website: http://www.careerealism.com/
Twitter: @Careerealism

Come Recommended
Heather Huhman created a great website for job search advice, the newest job search tools, and job interview advice. Come Recommended features a lot of guest blog posts and constantly features fresh perspectives on today’s job search.
Website: http://comerecommended.com/blog/
Twitter: @ComeRecommended

Intern Queen
A must read blog for any college students who are looking for an internship. Lauren E. Bergen is an expert on how to help student find internships (she did 15 in college!). Not only does she offer great advice, she also posts internship opportunities students can apply to.
Website: http://www.internqueen.com/
Twitter: @InternQueen

Jackalope Jobs
A great resource for advice on how to land a job. The blog covers how to search for a job, ace an interview, and create a strong personal brand. This is a great resource for young professionals and college students who are looking for their first job.
Website: http://blog.jackalopejobs.com/
Twitter: @JackalopeJobs

Personal Branding Blog
A huge part of job searching is having a strong personal brand. Dan Schawbel, author of the book Me 2.0: 4 Steps to Building Your Future, teaches you how to position yourself for a successful career and how to build a strong personal brand. Dan also has a lot of great experts guest post on his blog.
Website: http://www.personalbrandingblog.com/about/
Twitter: @DanSchawbel

The Branding Muse
Emmelie De La Cruz founded The Branding Muse and does a great job helping college students and young professionals brand themselves for success. She also specializes in helping young professional position themselves in the market place.
Website: http://www.thebrandingmuse.com/blog.html
Twitter: @BrandingMuse

The LEVO League
Even though it website says that the site is a career resource for young women, the information can apply young men as well. LEVO league offers great career advice for GenY professionals in a very visual format.
Website: http://www.levoleague.com/home
Twitter: @levoleague

The Savvy Intern by Youtern
This is my favorite blog and a must read for any college student or recent graduate looking for their first internship or job. YouTern’s community features passionate support from college students, recent graduates, young professionals, career center pros and all-star career experts.

Mark Babbit is the founder and runs an amazing Twitter Chat called #InternPro. Every Monday at 9pm ET a community of career experts share their knowledge and best practices for young careerists. This is one Twitter Chat that I never miss.
Website: http://www.youtern.com/thesavvyintern/
Twitter: @YouTern

I want you to do two things

  1. Leave a comment on the bottom of this post telling me which one of these career advice blogs is your favorite, or which career advice blog you think should have made the list.
  2. Share this article with a friend or colleague who will benefit from this advice. Everyone could always use great career advice!

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  • Catherine

    Wow, thank you for such a cool list of advice websites. Previously, I only used the bases like getbetterjob.com and indeed.com and these ones are not enough sometimes. Your information is totally useful!

  • Paula

    What a great list! I’m also a fan of conflicttango.com for help with conflict in the workplace.

  • Craig

    Great resources. I’ve include a link to this and other career resources in an article on my blog, which you can find at: http://blog.vircara.com

  • Choose your career

    After reading your post I have kept my mind cool and gained a lot of confidence that I can set my healthy career.

  • Adrian

    Thanks for sharing this post!! It’s exactly what I was looking for.

  • Shweta

    Thanks for including Careerbright! Honored to be included in this brilliant list of career helpers..Thanks, John!

  • Gerry Corbett


    You forgot about ME???



  • Debbie Wilson

    I am a huge fan of InternPro…Mark Babbitt and his team are amazing!

    • John Muscarello

      Thanks for your comment Debbie. Mark Babbitt is amazing. I had the pleasure of meeting him last week.

  • Dawn Papandrea

    Great list! I read a few of these already and follow on Twitter, too, but I’ll definitely check out the others. Would love it if you’d take a peek and share feedback about our new blog, too: http://seeker.findtherightjob.com. Thanks!

    • John Muscarello

      Thanks, Dawn. I am glad that you already follow a couple and that you are going to check the others out.

  • Steven Rothberg CollegeRecruiter.com

    Please consider for inclusion in your next list CollegeRecruiter.com Blog http://www.collegerecruiter.com/blog/.

  • Jeff Dagley

    I reference Careerealism, Intern Queen, YouTern, & Come Recommended frequently, but will definitely review the others. Thanks for the post!

  • Mark Babbitt

    Thanks again for including YouTern, John… thrilled to be considered among the other resources on this list; without a doubt, theses are our favorites!

  • Andrea Gils

    I found The Savvy Intern by Youtern very useful, especially the post about talking to one generation to the other. I definitely subscribed to a couple of these blogs. Thank you for the list!

    • John Muscarello

      The Savvy Intern is a great blog. I am happy that you found the other blogs on the list useful and subscribed to them!

  • Ijeoma

    Great list. I follow The Branding Muse, Levo League and Brazen Careerist. HerAgenda and Life After College are good resources too.

    • John

      Life After College is a great blog. Jenny Blake is a good friend and always gives your audience very helpful advice!

  • Emmelie De La Cruz

    Hello John!
    I must say that you have some all-stars on this list and I am extremely honored to be included in such great company! Some of my favorites are Youtern and Levo League.
    Some others to consider are Under30Careers and HerAgenda.

    – Founder

    • John

      Thanks for commenting Emmelie. I will have to check out Under30Careers and HerAgenda.

  • Erin

    Thank you for your sharing. These resources are very good. I can use them as guest blog resources.

    • John

      Thanks, Erin. Please feel free to use this post as a guest blog resource.

  • John Peltier

    I also get a lot of great content from the Ladders blog! These are all good for understanding the many viewpoints around career management – thanks for the list.

    • John

      Thanks for the comment John. The ladders blog offers a lot of great advice as well. I hope that you had a wonderful holiday.

  • Elana Gross

    Thank you for including Levo League on your list! -Elana (Business Development Associate)

  • Tom Dixon

    Careeralism is a good one for sure – lots of timely updates. I’ll be working hard in 2013 to get my site on next year’s list! Thanks for the resources – a few of these were new to me.

    • John Muscarello

      Thanks for the comment Tom. I look forward to reading your blog this year. Have a Happy New Year.

  • Vella Ramos

    I follow Careerealism by JT O’Donnell, great posts, always updated, had helped me a lot.

  • Alexis Grant

    Thanks for including Brazen on this list! ~Alexis, managing editor


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