They Don’t Teach Corporate in College A Twenty-Something’s Guide to the Business World

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They Don't Teach Corporate In CollegeI had the honor of receiving a copy of They Don’t Teach Corporate in College by Alexandra Levit. This is a must read for young professionals who want to make a splash in the corporate world.

The book covers

  • How to manage your time
  • How to say “no” (personal favorite)
  • How to build relationships with the top performers at work
  • How to manage your time and avoid procrastinating
  • How to get a promotion and ask for a raise
  • How to stay positive when and have a great attitude

And much more!

Instead of writing a long, formal review I am going to share some of my favorite parts of the book.

One of my favorite parts of the book is how she decoded office lingo (phrases people use to sound important).

  • “Let’s assess the team’s bandwidth”
  • “I just wanted to close the loop”
  • “Let’s leverage this best practice to add value and impact our bottom line”

I had no idea what these meant when I graduated, so it was hard to follow along in my first job.

My favorite quote in regards to building relationships and networking:

“Many people dislike networking because they think that asking a stranger for help is an imposition. Remember that it’s human nature to want to help someone.”

This is so important to remember when you are first starting your career. You have to be willing to ask for help. There are going to be so many things that you’re not going to know how to do.

I was lucky enough to have a mentor to show me the way. Someone I could ask questions. If you don’t have a mentor, this book will help guide you.

In the comments, tell me one thing you wish you had known when you started your first job.alevit_image

For more information about Alexandra Levitt check out her website and social media accounts (Twitter and Facebook).

Below is the formal book description

They Don’t Teach Corporate in College has resonated with tens of thousands of readers and is currently used as a text in corporations and universities across the country. This new and updated edition reflects the unique needs and challenges of current twenty-somethings, who want to make a difference right now but lack some of the core skills to make it happen. It incorporates fresh tips for building your transferable skillset, networking and enhancing your productivity in an increasingly digital world, and becoming an effective leader.

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