How To Build A Strong Network

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The best way to build a strong network is to gain the respect of others.  You can practice this on a daily basis at work.  How do you gain the respect of your colleagues?

Gain Respect By Giving It

After watching the video I decided to take Dee Hock’s advice and create a list of things that people do in a work environment that make me madder than hell and a list of things that people do in a work environment that I love.  Both lists can be applied to networking.

Things That Make Me Madder Than Hell

  1. Projects with unclear or vague directions:  Be honest and clear with your network and let them know what you are trying to accomplish.
  2. Questions that Google can answer: Respect the time of people in your network. Don’t ask people in your network questions that anyone can answer.
  3. Laziness:  Again respect the time of people in your network.  Don’t spend 10 minutes writing a detailed email telling someone how to do something when it would take you 2 minutes to complete the task. Nobody likes to network with lazy people.
  4. Nasty or sarcastic emails:  Don’t let a bad mood destroy a future connection. Write an email to blow off steam and then delete it.  Networking is about building strong connections not destroying them.

Things That I Love

  1. Thankful people:  Thank the people who help you.  Buy them a cup of coffee or take them out for a drink after work.  It will go a long way.
  2. Recognition for the entire team:  Projects are made up of multiple parts and it takes a team to successfully complete a project. Give everyone who helped credit.  It’s as simple as saying “I couldn’t have done this without (the names of the people who helped).”  All the people in your network have given advice that has gotten you where you currently are in life.
  3. A leader who is there for you:  We are all busy, but when you are truly there for someone, it means the world to him or her.  Make time for the people in your network.
  4. Asking for help:  This shows that people respect the work that you do. Helping people in your network can be very rewarding.  Remember: “Giving Always Starts The Receiving Process.”

Never do to others the things that make you madder than hell.  ALWAYS do to others the things you love!What is on your list?

What is on your list?

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