Life List


Be featured in Men’s Health Magazines Belly Off Club

Lose 5 pounds

Lose 10 pounds

Lose 15 pounds

Lose 20 pounds

Lose 25 pounds

Lose 30 pounds

Lose 35 pounds

Lose 40 pounds

Lose 45 pounds

Lose 50 pounds

Lose 55 pounds

Lose 60 pounds


Be featured in Success Magazine

Be featured in Entrepreneur Magazine

Be featured in Inc Magazine

Be featured in Fast Company

Own my own business and become an Entrepreneur

Host a webinar

Give a live in person seminar

Partner with Jenny Blake on a product or class

Meet Gary Vee

Become an Angel investor

Become someone’s mentor

Buy and rent real estate

Write a book

Write a New york Times Best Seller

Become a life coach

Become a business consultant for fortune 500 companies

Have a successful podcast

Have 100 blog subscribers

Appear in someone’s testimonial

Social Media

1500 Twitter Followers

2000 Twitter Followers

2500 Twitter Followers

3000 Twitter Followers

3500 Twitter Followers

4000 Twitter Followers

4500 Twitter Followers

5000 Twitter Followers

Start a Facebook Page for Start Networking Today

Start a Youtube Chanel for Start Networking Today


Pay off my student loans

Pay off my car

Own a house

Become an American-made millionaire by age 35

Be financially secure by age 40 (I will never have to worry about money again) so I can work on things that I enjoy

Be able to provide my parents with whatever they need as they get older

Own my dream house

Own a vacation house

Have a lazy river pool in my back yard

Buy every box of candy off of a kid selling candy and make their day


Find the girl that drives me crazy, and with whom I cannot live

Get Married

Have MOHO Creative make a video at my wedding

Give someone’s best man speech

Start a family

Visit my friends in PA at least four times a year

Be able to attend all my kid’s school plays, sporting events, etc

Have someone throw me a surprise party that I do not see coming

Throw someone a surprise party



Take a group of people to Taninah

Take a trip to Moon Palace

Stay at a penthouse in Ceasars Palace in Las Vegas

Vacation at a tropical island

Go hunting once with my friends from PA

Go fishing at least once a year