Networking Event Tips: Two Things You Need Before Attending A Networking Event

by JOHN MUSCARELLO / Follow Me on Twitter Here

The benefits of attending networking events are clear.

You have the opportunity to network with industry leaders that can give you valuable career advice and tips on how to land a job in the industry.  They might even introduce you to other industry professionals in their network.

Before they refer you to anyone in their network they are going to want to see two things.  Do you know what they are?

Your LinkedIn profile and your resume are the two most important things to have ready before attending networking events.

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After you impress people during the networking event by telling A Rock Star Career Story the conversation will most likely end with the person saying, “Here’s my card, send me your resume, and I will take a look.”

When you email your resume to your new contact, they are not going to look at your resume.  Instead they are going to look at your LinkedIn profile.  They want to see if you share any mutual contacts and learn a little more about you for context. If they are unimpressed with your LinkedIn profile they’re probably not going to look at your resume.

Networking Event Tip 1: Your LinkedIn Profile Should…

  • Have an eye-catching headline.
  • Discuss accomplishments in more detail than on your resume.
  • Have an up–to-date work history.
  • Be typo-free and proofread by a friend or mentor.

Read this awesome article for more detail  “Create A LinkedIn Profile That Rocks: 7 tips.”

Once you have impressed your new contact with your LinkedIn profile, they are going to be eager to review your resume.

Networking Event Tip 2: Your Resume Should…

  • Have a career summary at the top.
  • Show results and not just industry jargon.
  • Have your greatest accomplishments listed top to bottom.
  • Be easy to read with your experience bulleted out.

I am not a resume expert, but Don Goodman offers great tips in this article: 4 Ways to Turn Resume Fluff into Marketable Facts

Finding A Job Requires Networking, so remember these two networking event tips: have a solid LinkedIn profile and a resume ready, before you go to networking events.

I want you to do three simple things

  1. Create a rock star LinkedIn profile by following the advice above.
  2. Create a rock star resume by following the advice above.
  3. Follow these two networking event tips before you attend your next networking event.

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  • Tom Dixon

    I hadn’t tied a LinkedIn profile to a networking event before, but you make a good case.  I know as a hiring manager, the first thing I look at is the LinkedIn profile - and it is amazing how little attention job seekers put on it.

    • John Muscarello

      Thanks for commenting Tom.  It amazes me as well how little job seekers pay attention to their LinkedIn profile.  You said it yourself, “I know as a hiring manager, the first thing I look at is the LinkedIn profile”  LinkedIn is a great place to explain to your qualifications in more depth. 


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