How One Tweet Turned Into An Awesome Networking Event

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Networking On Twitter

Thumbs Up For Networking On Twitter!

Do you know why networking on Twitter is my favorite way to meet new people?

Here are two reasons:

  1. It’s easy to respond to someone without being considered weird.
  2. It’s easy to find people who have the same interests you.


Never in a million years did I think one tweet would lead to drinks with the co-founder of a multimillion-dollar company.

Dave Kerpen is the co-founder of Likeable Media and a New York Times best selling author. He wrote a great article titled “Summer Is the Time for Networking. Grab a Margarita.” I love sharing great articles with my network so I tweeted a link.

Networking On Twitter SNT

Dirk, someone I have never met before who I wasn’t even following on Twitter, responded.

Networking on Twitter SNT 2

Initially, I was just going to say, “I’m not going to argue with you.” (I love meeting people and going out for drinks). But instead, I decided to look at Dirk and Dave’s Twitter profiles to see where they were located. I realized that they were both located in NY, and it would be cool to meet them in person.  Networking on Twitter SNT 3 I know what you are probably thinking right now “Why the hell would Dave (a successful entrepreneur and author) and Dirk (Director of Communications) take time out of their busy schedules to have a margarita with you?” But what most people don’t realize is that I have nothing to lose by asking.  What the worse thing that can happen?

    1. They both ignore my tweet and we go on living our lives.
    2. They say, “I would love to but I am super busy.”

Yes, I would be a little disappointed and my ego would be a little bruised, but I would probably get over it it within 24 hours. Dirk answered and took it one step further by recommending a Tequilla bar called Agave. 

Networking on Twitter SNT 4They now become part of the conversation.

Networking on Twitter SNT 5

Dave Kerpen not only wants to get margaritas, but he wants to turn it into a networking event.

Networking on Twitter SNT 6

Networking on Twitter SNT 7

Michele Weisman and Meg Riedinger who work at Likeable Media get involved and started working on promoting the event.  Networking on Twitter SNT 8They did an awesome job as you can see below.

Networking on Twitter SNT 9

The event was a huge success and, more importantly, a lot of fun.

The Results of The Event

  • I met Dave Kerpen and he is one of the nicest people I have ever met. He even gave everyone at the event some great networking tips. (I’ll share those with you another time as he agreed to do an interview with me. Be on the look out for that advice!)
  • I met Dirk McCall who is the Director of Communication and marketing for GMHC.  Another super nice guy.

Networking on Twitter SNT 10

Networking on Twitter SNT 11

What I hope you take from this article

  • Twitter is a great place to start conversations with people you don’t know and is very low risk.
  • Always take a chance and reach out to people you don’t know. Don’t assume they won’t write you back.
  • The key to networking is finding ways to keep the conversation going. (Click To Tweet)

When reaching out to someone you don’t know, let them decide not to write you back.  Don’t make the decision for them.

Action Steps: Start Networking on Twitter

Send someone you admire a tweet and get a conversation going. Take some advice from an ultimate networker.  It could be about

  • An article they just wrote,
  • An article that mentioned them in the news,
  • Or simply just telling them you respect their work.

Do this until someone responds. The answer is always “no” if you don’t ask.

The key to networking is finding ways to keep the conversation going and taking things a step further.

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I have nothing to lose right?

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  • Yas

    Truly inspiring. I am currently on a mission to advance my career and this story just helps to enlighten me on the art of networking in all aspects

    • John Muscarello

      I am thrilled to hear that Yas. Please let me know if I can ever help you with anything.

  • Cedar Brown

    Hey John! I really loved this story, so awesome. Congrats on such an amazing string of events!

    As a current job seeker, I can really appreciate using Twitter to meet people and build relationships. In fact, that was the main reason I started using it while in college. It has done me well, not huge tweetup with Dave Kerpen well, but well enough 🙂 I’ll be sure to remember this stuff going forward. Thanks!

    • John Muscarello

      Hi Cedar- Thanks for leaving such a thoughtful comment. Twitter is the ultimate place to build relationships and eventually meetup in real life. If you are ever in NYC let me know. We can create our own meetup!

  • Roberto Ramirez

    “Great things, start from smaller ones”. Congratulations on showing us how a risk-free personality and a simply decision can take us places and to meet people we never thought possible.

  • Lynne

    Thanks for the great article John. I found it really useful.

    • John Muscarello

      I am glad you enjoyed the article Lynne!


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