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The Best Way To Stay In Touch With Your Professional Network

The Best Way To Stay In Touch With Your Professional NetworkIf you have ever built a successful friendship, you can build a powerful professional network.

When you first met a friend there’s a good chance that you met at a central location, had a great conversation, and decide to meet up again. If everything went well you continued to hang out.

One of the biggest mistakes people make when trying to build a professional network [click to continue…]

How To Follow Up After Networking Events For Job Seekers

Job Seeker Follow Up EmailNetworking events are fantastic. They give you the opportunity to meet various industry professionals and learn about their skillset whilst showing off your skillset too. Say you were working for a business that was in need of a new SEO specialist, then this is a great pool of people to start vetting out. You may come across a professional from Victorious who’s willing to help or may even come across a team of people who have the skillset you desire. Alternatively, you could be someone looking for a new job, then this is also a great way to check out what job positions are out there.

Personally, I loved attending networking events and creating new relationships when I was looking for a new job. The one thing I didn’t like was following up after the network event.

This is where the “work” in the word networking comes into play, following up is also the most important part of networking.

It’s your lucky day! I worked very hard to create a networking follow up email for job seekers. Instead of having to create your own all you have to do is tweak the the email below. I can’t make it any easier for you. [click to continue…]

How to Create Networking Opportunities at Work

I brought in cookies and brownies from my dad’s restaurant for my co-workers. Everyone loved them because they are not your average run of the mill cookies and brownies.  It never occurred to me that bringing cookies to work and having a candy dish on my desk are forms of networking. Here are two ways food at work creates networking opportunities.  [click to continue…]

The Ultimate Networking Follow Up Email Cheat Sheet

Don't Forget To Follow Up

When was the last time someone sent you an email that said,

“It was a pleasure meeting you at ABC Networking Event. It’s been a week since the event and I was wondering if you were going to send me more information about your company?”

Following up with new contacts within 24-48 hours after a networking event will make you standout among the majority of networkers. [click to continue…]


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