Why You Should Update Your LinkedIn Profile Regularly

by JOHN MUSCARELLO / Follow Me on Twitter Here

Warning: Stop Making This Mistake On LinkedInIt’s time to put this bad advice to rest.

Turning off your LinkedIn activity broadcasts when you update your profile is horrible career advice. A lot of career experts argue that your employer might think you’re looking for another job and you could get fired.

Where’s the proof? Do you know how many people got fired for updating their profile and broadcasting it to their network? 

Zero! I couldn’t find one article or piece of research to support this theory.

I am going to tell you why updating your LinkedIn profile is extremely important to your career, and give you a word-for-word script that you can tell your boss if they confront you about updating your LinkedIn profile.

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To create a successful career, you need to become known in your industry as well as your company. Master networker Keith Ferrazzi says,

“The fact is that those people who are known beyond the walls of their own cubicle have a greater value. They find jobs more easily. They usually rise up the corporate ladder faster.”

  • You should be proud to tell your professional network all the great things you are accomplishing at your company.
  • You should want recruiters and people from big companies to look at your profile.

There is nothing wrong with having options or having someone in HR reach out to you because your profile caught their eye. At the end of the day, you work for yourself. You have to do what’s best for your career.

Still Nervous?

As promised here is the word-for-word script if your boss calls you into his or her office and asks, “I saw you recently updated your LinkedIn profile.  Are you looking for new opportunities?”

Calmly say:

“I didn’t mean to give you the wrong idea. I really enjoy working here and I am not considering leaving at all. I thought it would be beneficial for the company if I showed my network some of the work I have accomplished lately. I want my network to know if they need help with Social Media Marketing (or whatever industry you work in), our company might be able to assist them.

How can your boss be mad about that?

What to say if your boss asks you why you updated your LinkedIn profile (click to tweet)

Showcasing your biggest accomplishments enhances your chance of career advancement and your personal brand.

I want you to take action now!

  • Update you LinkedIn profile. Add tasks you have recently accomplished that you think would impress your network. Having trouble? Read your current job description and write down the things you are currently accomplishing.
  • Tell me in the comments, when was the last time you updated your LinkedIn profile? If it’s been a long time, why have you waited so long to update your profile?

If you found this article helpful please share it with your network. They will thank you later!

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  • shakirah

    i last updated my LinkedIn a month ago because i thought it wasn’t necessary to keep updating it time and again due to the fact that am still pursuing a bachelors degree in Public Relations and at the moment i don’t have a job

    • John Muscarello

      It’s really important to keep your profile updated. You never know who might be looking at your profile.


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